​ Satcom

Satellite communication has revolutionized the way we communicate from its very beginnings, and Teledyne has been active in both space and ground segments every step of the way. Today, the industry is in transition from a focus on geostationary satellites to more numerous, low cost and disruptive LEO (low earth orbit) constellations, and Teledyne Defense Electronics (TDE) is deeply involved in this transition. In the early years, Teledyne was at the forefront of satcom advancements for earth stations, embracing Gallium Nitride (GaN) as a key enabler for higher power density amplification, and more recently for DVB-S2X for higher spectral efficiency modems. Today, Teledyne also supplies complex PCBs for in-flight entertainment antennas and numerous satcom components for tactical comms. TDE, led by its flagship satcom business unit Teledyne Paradise Datacom, continues to push the boundaries in both commercial and military settings with rugged RF and modem products to ensure safe and reliable communications. Some of our key capabilities include: