For decades, Teledyne has developed supporting technologies for nearly all aspects of the Radar market, with several different business units of Teledyne Defense Electronics (TDE) deeply involved in radar applications.  Developing technologies to support the conventional Radar often used in maritime and air traffic applications, to SAR (synthetic aperture radar) and AESA (active electronically scanned array), Teledyne helps to power, filter, and protect Radar of all types. Teledyne engineering has produced advancements resulting in reductions in size, increases in power density and improved efficiency of key Radar components. And, these advancements have helped to allow the inclusion of ever more sophisticated Radar systems in the biggest ships and the smallest missiles and munitions. As digitization and core chips allow increasing integration and the elimination of more and more of the RF signal chain, TDE technology will continue to evolve.  Some of our key Radar capabilities include: