From space to munitions to fracking, Energetics is a global market with a proud Teledyne heritage. Our flagship organization, Teledyne Energetics, has a large global footprint developed primarily by its two business units, Teledyne Electronic Safety Product (TESP) and Teledyne RISI Inc. (RISI).  From our origins in the market as a long-time, trusted supplier of aircraft ejection seat sequencers, Teledyne evolved over decades to expand our Energetics offerings to critical ESAD and ISD technologies for missiles and other munitions. Our Energetics product lines have continued to grow, including EBWs for fracking, and shape charges for emergency venting of large pressure vessels. For each of these applications, the highest reliability is essential -- and that has always been at the heart of everything we do at Teledyne Defense Electronics (TDE). Some of our key Energetics capabilities include: