Circuit Card Assembly

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions assembles and tests a variety of complex circuit card assemblies (CCAs) using leading edge, advanced technology assembly automation.  We specialize in low-volume, high-mix assembly of highly complex CCAs.
  • RF, analog, high-speed and digital circuits on rigid-flex and Cu core substrates
  • Typical lot sizes from 3 to 300 pieces
  • 4 high speed, flexible SMT lines
  • Production processes for components from 0201 chips to large grid-array components and connectors
  • 100% solder paste, automated optical, and x-ray inspection
  • Forced air convection reflow with inert atmosphere option
  • Special processes for RF assemblies (filters, shields, etc)
  • BGA underfill, conformal coating, etc.
  • Selective and wave solder pin-thru-hole processes
  • CCA and component bonding processes