Designing Microwave PCBs
for Successful Manufacture



Teledyne Labtech's space heritage goes back to the founding of the company in 1984. Teledyne Labtech has the capability to produce Space PCB to IPC 6018 class III or CS. We can also supply PCB that are manufactured in accordance to locally approved specifications.

Teledyne Labtech continues to be a valuable supplier to the European space industry. This has resulted in Teledyne Labtech being selected as a key supplier on a number of prestigious programs. Not least the GAIA project, Mars Rover and OneWeb LEO constellation.

Teledyne Labtech has supplied thousands of space approved and qualified PCB, principally these include antenna array and Metalbacked power amplifier products, synthesiser products and combiners.

  • Large Antenna capability
  • Metalbacked PCB  
  • RO 6002 THP
  • TMM 4, 6 and 10 



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