​Optical Subassembly Design


One of the most critical design elements for optoelectronics modules is precision alignment and coupling in a miniaturized form on the substrate in relation to the next level optical transmission medium.  The optoelectronics design team at Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions will work with you to design and develop a solution with ultimate precision and placement in mind in order to deliver and maintain the most optical coupling budget transmission via the fiber, VCSELs or PIN Diodes/Laser.

All of the above will undergo stringent thermal  analysis and will be implemented with associated ancillary hardware, as required using some of the following techniques:

Laser Transmitters and Photo Diode Receivers
  • Measurement of input/output characteristics of the O-E devices using Lightwave Component Analyzer and Probe Station
  • Design of Free Space Optics using ZEMAX and Beam Prop

Passive Devices

  • Design and fabrication of V-Groove Arrays using optical and E-Beam lithography in conjuction with Ion Reactive Etching methods.

Fiber Lensing

Design and fabrication of Fiber Lensing using ZEMAX modeling and SolidWorks based on tooling compatible with the Krel Technologies Polishing System