​Optical Lensing and Alignment


The Engineering Team at Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has the knowledge, skill and experience to perform optimized optical coupling and alignment techniques to meet our customer needs.

In accordance with the customer’s inputs on their laser, fiber, waveguide, and photodetector requirements, the Team will select a suitable optical coupling approach and mechanism to meet customer’s performance target at the lowest possible cost.  Based on the selected approach, the team will search and allocate the required optical lenses, either spherical or aspherical types, single or array types, or our own fabricated fiber tip lenses.  By conducting a series of optical models and simulation, the best achievable optical coupling efficiency, the required optical coupling conditions and the expected optical alignment tolerances will be generated for further development.  According to the model and simulation results, certain suitable tooling and fixtures will be selected, fabricated, and utilized in the practice and  finally, the team will conduct the designed optical coupling and alignment, in the final product development.

One particular technique is to fabricate the fiber optic tip lenses.  The Engineering Team has the capabilities to model, fabricate and employ our own fiber tip lenses to provide the best mode field match between optical light source and coupling target, thus achieving the best possible optical coupling and alignment in a solid and miniaturized way.

In conducting the optical coupling and alignment, our two auto-alignment systems and two laser welding systems will be utilized to conduct, execute and ensure the required performance.