​High Density Flip Chip Assembly


Flip Chip assembly technology is the ultimate solution for any application requiring a minimum bare die footprint over the substrate.  Achieving the maximum benefits of flip chip interconnect in a multichip module assembly requires a customized approach.  


Yamaha FlipchipKey parameters managed by Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions are the substrate material, die procurement format and cost targets. Teledyne provides a broad range of flip chip technologies ranging from flip chip on flex (FCOF) for foldable assemblies to flip chip scale packages and multi flip chip scale packages (MCSP) for assemblies with high density interconnects and challenging IO die pitch.  Solder bump or Au/Gold stud-bump interconnect is available.   
Depending on the application, flip chip attachment can be performed either directly to the main substrate or to an interposer medium, thus creating a true chip scale package (CSP) suitable for next level SMT processing.