​Hermetic Optical Interconnect/Packaging

The key to providing high reliability, ruggedized hermetic optical interconnects is the ability to provide metallization to the fibers.  The metallized materials must be compatible to the next level of sealing methodologies that are used in traditional hermetic packaging.  At Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions, our team of optoelectronics engineers and technicians have years of experience in the implementation of metallized fibers or ferrules to maintain hermeticity even in the most extreme environments.

We offer a variety of hermetic packaging options and will help you select the best method for your application.  The standard method of hermetic packaging involves sealing the case to the cover  by seam welding.  In seam welding, prior to cover sealing, hybrids are baked out in a vacuum for a minimum of 24 hours. They are then transferred into a vacuum bake-out chamber integral to the cover sealer. This chamber is filled with a gas mixture of nitrogen and helium, with a moisture content less than 20ppm.  Following the operation of seam welding, the part is removed from the chamber and fine leak testing is performed using helium mass spectrometry. Both gross leak and fine leak tests are performed to comply with MIL-STD requirements.