Micro Form Factor Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers

  • Extremely small footprint 0.38" x 0.38" x 0.1"
  • Broadband performance range of 100 Mbps to 4.25 Gbps
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to +95°C
  • Able to withstand shock and vibration in harsh environments.


Teledyne Advanced Electronic solutions offers a line of high reliability fiber optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers for rugged environments. Devices are adapted for high utilization with qualities such as broadband performance range, extended operational temperature range from -40°C to +95°C, moisture resistant and able to withstand shock and vibration for harsh environments.

​Part Number ​Description ​Range ​Data Sheet
​2307052-1 TX​Micro Form Factor Fiber Optic Transmitter​100 Mbps - 4.25 Gbps here
​2307042-1 RX​Micro Form Factor Fiber Optic Receiver​100 Mbps - 4.25 Gbps ​here


Size:   0.38” x 0.38” x 0.1”

Broadband Performance Range:   50 Mbps - 4.25 Gbps

Wide Operating Temperature Range:   -40°C to +95°C