Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions offers the most innovative design approaches in optoelectronics modules for high data rate, broadband communications. Our expertise in this field provides you with a turnkey solution to all of your optoelectronics needs. We provide a complete range of services including design, modeling, alignment, packaging, Telecordia qualification and testing for optoelectronic modules.

Our process services include:

  • Alignment
  • Single, multi-mode and multi-mode fiber
  • Fusion splicing regular and PM fibers
  • Free-space optical alignment
  • Alignment for high power (up to 10 W)
  • Hermetically sealed fiber packaging
  • Single fiber and multi-fiber array
  • In-house fiber metallization
  • Single and multi-mode fiber tip lensing
  • Multiple fiber termination technologies
  • Optical bench fabrication
  • V-Groove fabrication (2 Ch - 128 Ch)
  • Beam profile characterization

We have designed and manufactured a full range of custom and standard optoelectronic devices for Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications including:

  • 2 Gbps quad channel transceiver
  • 10 Gbps receiver, 10 Gbps TOSA
  • Wavelength locked light source
  • MEMS mirror array (n x n) optical switch
  • Laser pump module for Raman Amplifier
  • Tunable wavelength laser source
  • DWDM Tx/Rx
  • Mach-Zehnder waveguide modulator
  • High power laser sources (up to 10W)
  • MEMS F-P interferometer based navigation grade accelerometer
  • Fiber Bragg grating array for optical gain control
  • Fiber optic pressure sensors

Contact our team to find out how we can help solve your toughest optoelectronics design and manufacturing challenges.