Our Story

Teledyne Defense Electronics is a growing group of advanced technology companies that deliver innovative product and service solutions primarily to the defense and space markets, with the financial backing of Teledyne Technologies, Inc.

From the very beginning we have had a strong presence in the defense and space fields.  For example, we were deeply involved in development of the Titan/Centaur Launch Vehicle, where Teledyne Microelectronics provided 20,000 hybrids for the Digital Computer Unit used to control mission vehicle functions, and also in providing multi-chip modules for the F-14 Tomcat fighter aircraft. Teledyne's is a long and storied history developing advanced technologies for these and other adjacent markets.  We have experienced strong growth both organically and through acquisition, with each operating company being superior in its niche, while also being small enough to be nimble and make quick decisions. We are financially strong and benefit from synergies in technology and channel.

The Evolution of Teledyne Defense Electronics