Polyurethane Jacket Offers Engineering Options

June 10, 2016 - For applications where space is limited and minimizing transferred mechanical stress on the interface connection is a must, polyurethane jacketed cables can offer a better fit than those with standard FEP jackets.

Polyurethane delivers greater memory retention than FEP, which results in minimal resistance to positioning. This allows for easier routing and easier alignment to the mating interface. Additionally, there is less mechanical stress applied to the interface connector.

In sensitive applications such as interfacing with a circuit board mount connector or a light-weight device under test (DUT), the ability to reliably align the cable to a preferred orientation minimizes potential damage to the DUT interface.

The accompanying video clip demonstrates the polyurethane/FEP jacket "memory" difference between two otherwise identical cables.

The polyurethane jacketing option to standard FEP is currently available for our popular True Blue® 205 cable and will soon be available for Storm Flex® 086 cables as well. Visit the Resource Center of our Website to download a Polyurethane Jacket data sheet.

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