Everyday Test Assemblies

January 4, 2016 -When failure is not an option and cost is a consideration, DuraTest™ extra durable, everyday test assemblies will provide the edge you need. Test engineers and technicians who have experienced problems with test cable assemblies breaking, especially right behind the connector, or failing electrically, will appreciate the reliability of DuraTest™ assemblies.

These 0.176" diameter, general purpose precision test assemblies combine the proven toughness of a solid Teflon® cable, fully captivated stainless steel connectors and Hard-To-Hurt™ strain relief technology.

Flex life is 25,000 cycles minimum, connector retention is 50 lbs minimum, concentrated load is 100 lbs per linear inch. Extended frequency SMA SP connectors allow testing to 26.5 GHz. N SP connectors are also available and operate to 18 GHz.

Assemblies in standard lengths with mixed connector combinations are also available for next day shipment by calling us at 630-754-3300.

For more information, refer to the DuraTest™ data sheet in our Resource Center.

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