​Custom ​Switch Matrix​​​​​​​​ Overview

What is a switch matrix?

A switch matrix is a system composed of multiple individual switches connected to achieve multi-input and multi-output configurations, allowing you to reduce space and cost.  The system utilizes Teledyne’s universal controller that offers multiple interface options.  Integrated matrix systems by Teledyne simplify your complex switching needs by allowing you to select a combination of input ports to output ports, instead of tediously commanding individual switches to form a signal path.

Teledyne Matrix Systems come in standard and customized rack mount chassis.  These matrix systems are available in 50Ω and 75Ω characteristic impedance. Teledyne Switch matrices offer a turn-key solution for customers in need of high switch count applications using proven reliable Teledyne Coax Switches.​

Visio-Matrix Flowchart.png 


Matrix Configurations​

Teledyne’s Switch Matrix Systems encompass four different series.  Below is a quick overview outlining the matrix types, features and additional options offered within each series.  A standard Teledyne Matrix System features RS-232 and 4U rack-mountable chassis.  Teledyne Sytems can quickly translate from customer need, to block diagram, to reliable switching system.