Corporations have a wide variety of different satellite network requirements that can change rapidly as companies and markets develop. Consequently, we have designed a range of satellite products that are highly versatile, supporting any network structure including point-to-point, star, full/partial mesh and hybrids.

Our products are future proof, incorporating enough headroom to support major functionality upgrades in the field for 10 years plus. We combine this with support for the most efficient bandwidth technology available, including the DVB-S2X standard.

We offer a range of network management tools that ensure deploying and operating networks is simple and intuitive.

Product Information

enterprise.png QFlex-400 Satellite Modem
QFlex-400 Encrypted Satellite Modem
Q-Lite Compact Satellite Modem Card
Q-Lite Half-Width Satellite Modem
Q-NET PDQS 1:N Redundancy Switch