Cellular Backhaul and Trunking

Cellular backhaul services are evolving rapidly.

G.703 systems are being replaced with 3G and LTE IP solutions. 5G services are expected to start being deployed by 2020. These services can benefit from new highly efficient satellite technology that reduces OPEX by lowering the 'bits per Hertz' cost of services. This is particularly important when services are deployed in rural areas where there is a low average revenue per user.

We offer hybrid satellite technology that supports the migration of older E1 services to IP, allowing both to be supported in a single solution. We also offer a single-box solution for IP backhaul, lowering CAPEX costs. The flexibility of the platforms allows expansion of the network to be accomplished very easily.

Product Information
cellular_backhaul.pngQ-NET Network Platform
QFlex-400 Satellite Modem
Q-Lite Half-Width Satellite Modem
Q-NET PDQS 1:N Redundancy Switch