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Teledyne Paradise Datacom, a division of Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC, designs, manufactures and sells satellite modems, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), block up converters (BUC) and associated redundancy subsystems. We deliver satellite communications products around the world.

We have unparalleled experience in satellite communications products. Senior employees have previously worked for the companies that pioneered the satcom industry including Scientific Atlanta, VertexRSI, Radyne/Comstream, Comtech/EF Data, EEV and ViaSat. Our core values are engineering excellence and commitment to our customers.

We focus on creating significant product differentiators and innovative architectures in order to make ourselves the supplier of choice in the satcom industry.

Teledyne Paradise Datacom Background

Paradise Datacom Ltd. was founded in 1988 in the United Kingdom. It specialised in the design and manufacture of IBS/IDR framing units and later produced a full line of satellite modems. Paradise Datacom LLC was founded in 1997 in the United States, and acquired the Locus Communications products group of ITT, with a satcoms history dating back to 1968. Paradise Datacom acquired the SierraCom SAT product line in 2002. In 2010, Paradise Datacom was acquired by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Since then Paradise has continued to address a worldwide market for satellite modems and associated RF products.

Amongst the notable events in Paradise’s history of satellite modem development are the following:

1999: The industry’s first satellite modem redundancy system.

2000: Completion of Paradise’s T1000 ASIC (incorporating satellite framing and G.703 framing technology).

2002: The industry’s first SCPC TCP/IP satellite modem.

2005: The industry’s first Software Defined satellite modem.

2006: The industry’s first suite of embedded web-browser satellite modem link diagnostic tools (constellation monitor, spectrum monitor, etc.).

2007: The industry’s first comprehensive suite of embedded TCP/IP satellite modem features (single-box TCP/IP solution).

2008: The use of Paradise modems at Everest base camp for relaying video of the journey of the Olympic torch to the summit of Everest as part of the 2008 Olympic Games in China.

2008: First Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier produced at Paradise.

2009: Completion of Paradise's first modular N+1 soft-fail PowerMAX SSPA system.

2012: The industry’s first satellite modem with a built-in signal-under-carrier interference detection system.

2014: The industry’s first point-to-multipoint DVB-S2X satellite network solution.

2015: The industry’s only ‘hub-in-a-box’, which defined a new entry point for satellite users who require a small network but want to avoid the expense and complexity of a fixed-cost hub.

2015: The completion of Paradise's first outdoor PowerMAX system, a 2.5 kW Ku-Band system using eight (8) 400W High Power Outdoor SSPA modules.

2017: Paradise’s first satellite modem aimed at the LEO/CubeSat/Smallsat market, providing full CCSDS (Viterbi/Reed-Solomon) compliance.

2018: The addition of a highly innovative dynamic SCPC bandwidth-on-demand feature to our point-to-multipoint satellite network solution.

2018: The industry’s first Software Defined Network, bringing the benefits of network virtualization, already a reality in the wider IT world, to satellite networks, allowing seamless integration of terrestrial and satellite assets.

Today, Paradise has a portfolio of satellite modem products (for use both in ground stations and on board satellites) including network management systems, for the following markets:

  • CubeSat/SmallSat/LEO satellite modems
  • Rack-mount point-to-point satellite modems
  • Mobile/Comms-On-The-Move satellite modems
  • Broadcast satellite modems
  • Point-to-multipoint satellite network systems

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