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Product Design, Manufacturing and Assembly

productdesignTeledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS)) maintains the industry’s broadest product portfolio and one of its most agile manufacturing capabilities for microwave products and services. Our facilities produce all levels of microwave products including state-of-the-art Amplifiers, LNAs, GaN Power Amplifiers, VCOs, Mixers, Frequency Converters, YIG-Tuned Filters and Oscillators, Circulators, Attenuators, Filters, Linearizers, Integrated Assemblies,Yttrium-Iron-Garnet (YIG) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) products, Systems & Sub-Systems, microwave circuit design and component manufacturing, microwave circuit board manufacturing, indoor rack-mounted Solid State Amplifiers, Mini Compact & Compact Outdoor SSPAs (Solid State Power Amplifiers), LNBs, Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) including Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) and large bonded multilayer PCB structures.

Procedures and Materials Specifications


TMS follows hybrid procedure and materials specifications to meet or exceed manufacturing screening requirements per PRF-38534, class H and class K for Military and Space requirements build including Fine and Gross Leak Tests; Random Vibration (Vibration 10 Hz - 5000 Hz); Mechanical Shock; Vapor Test; HARASS (Highly Accelerated Rapid Stress Screening); CMM inspection; PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection); Thermal Shock; Radiographic Inspection and Element Evaluation on active and passive components we build with automated Electrical Testing up to 50 GHz.

Components Processing

componentsTMS components processing includes Brazing of Alumina or BeO substrate with gold-tin or gold-germanium; eutectic or epoxy attachment of passive and active devices; bonding of Interconnections with gold thermo compression or thermo sonic wedge; plasma cleaning prior to wire bond; hermetic sealing for each device in a dry nitrogen atmosphere with seam welding, laser welding and assemblage of printed circuit boards with through-hole surface mount (SMT); and PCB prototype machine capabilities to support development of sputtering RF metals.

State-of-the-Art Processing Equipment


Numerically-controlled Bridgeport Mills; Harding Wide-Bed Lathes; Ton Press; Brown & Sharp Surface Grinder; fully automated Machining Centers; CNC machines; Raytheon YAG-pulsed Laser Welder; Q-switched YAG laser cutting machining and ancillary machining equipment including fully flexible PCB machine shops to allow the precise cutting of standard PCB, metal-backed PCB and housing; AAS and XRF analytical equipment for material analysis and Chemical Lab process control; H2/Vacuum/air furnace capability 500°C to 1650°C. 

Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities also extend to metal finishing, including Nickel, Nickel Gold and Immersion Tin; insertion of glass feed-through; Autoclave Bonding; and large bonded multilayer structures. 

Facilities and Operationsfacilities

Our multiple manufacturing sites include facilities that contain Clean Rooms for MIC hybrid assembly and automated assembly, Testing Stations, and Environmental Test Equipment. This fully-outfitted space is equivalent to a Class 100,000 Clean Room.

The manufacturing operations of TMS are constantly being analyzed and re-examined to identify new opportunities to streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and reduce costs. In addition to the Clean Rooms, our facilities include a full in-house Machine Shop, on-site Chemical and Analytical Lab, and expert-staffed Environmental Test, Inspection, and Calibration operations. The Chemical and Analytical Lab is equipped for plating, anodizing, and electro-polishing, including material analysis; Dull Ni Plating; Electroless Ni Plating; Copper Sulfate Plating; Anodizing Clear/Black; and C/S and Volumetric Analysis.





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