Ethics & Values

Teledyne Technologies is committed to uncompromising ethical standards, strict adherence to law, and continuous attention to customer satisfaction. These commitments constitute the foundation upon which Teledyne Technologies conducts its business.
Click here​ to view our Global Code of Ethical Conduct. 

Teledyne Technologies encourages employees to communicate concer​ns before they become problems. Building and maintaining trust, respect and communications between employees and management, and among fellow employees is critical to the overriding goal of efficiently producing high quality products, providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction, and ultimately fueling profitability and growth.

The management and employees of Teledyne Technologies are committed to a strong self-governance program. This commitment is aligned with the company's corporate goal to enhance stockholder value. Maintaining the company's reputation for quality, reliability, integrity, and customer responsiveness is critical to achieving this goal.

Teledyne Technologies has established a confidential Corporate Ethics/Help Line, with the theme, "Take The Right Action." The Ethics/Help line is available to all Teledyne Technologies employees, as well as concerned individuals outside the company. Employees are encouraged to communicate their concerns, as well as ask questions about ethical issues. The toll free help line number is 1-877-666-6968.

Anti-Corruption Program​
Teledyne Technologies maintains an anti-corruption program with core elements of an effective compliance program, including: tone at the top, risk assessment, written policies and procedures, effective training and education, effective lines of communication, internal monitoring and auditing, and enforcement. The program and its requirements apply to Teledyne employees and to third parties who act on Teledyne’s behalf. ​Click here​ ​for Teledyne’s anti-bribery statement from ex​ecutive management.

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