In-House Capabilities


Designing Microwave PCBs
for Successful Manufacture


Design For Manufacture

Teledyne Labtech has nearly 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and test of RF/Microwave PCB. This has led to an extensive knowledge base and enables Labtech to offer a comprehensive DFM (Design for Manufacture) service.

All new designs are assigned to a NPI engineer and a comprehensive DFM review will be undertaken, following which the recommendations will be forwarded to the customer for review. In addition, should it be required, we can also offer RF/Microwave simulation results.

As a company, we clearly understand the importance of adhering to a “get it right first time” policy. And one way of achieving this is goal is by the careful selection of bond films and laminates. At Labtech we work closely with design engineers on the selection of materials and the builds for complex RF/Microwave PCB.

Our goals are clearly defined:

  • Reduced Material Costs
  • Lower Lead-time
  • Higher yields
  • SWaP – Size, Weight & Power



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