Firing Tanks

P/N 167-9818

​RISI Explosive Test Chambers are used to test both EFI and EBW detonators in a laboratory environment. These steel welded tanks are fitted with an entry door the diameter of the tank, two viewing ports and an exhaust port. Upper and lower mounting brackets are standard.


Door​​ opening17 inches
Port size(2) 6 inch nominal
Port opening4.875 inch
Explosives capacity10 grams
Dimensions34 X 19 inch
Shipping weight350 pounds
Tank volume4.02 cubic feet
Wall thickness0.375 inch
Exhaust fitting2.5 NPT

Caution: While EBW and EFI Initiators are inherently less susceptible to accidental detonation during handling and set-up than devices containing primary explosives, electrical and electronic firing systems are sensitive to transient electrical energies which could cause premature triggering or firing. The blasting area must be clear of personnel and equipment before the detonator leads are connected to any RISI Firing System. Only approved RISI Firing Systems should ever be used to initiate or detonate any explosive product manufactured and authorized for sale by RISI.