Supplier Visits / TESP

​All suppliers and their representatives desiring to, or actually furnishing products and services to the Company, must make their contacts through procurement personnel.

Our buyers welcome the opportunity to talk with you in order that they may be fully cognizant of the latest developments concerning new or substitute parts, materials or services, together with price and quality changes. We welcome suggestions.

Suppliers are urged to be well prepared to present and discuss the capabilities of your company. In an effort to conserve your time and ours, we ask that you make an appointment with the individual you wish to see. Suppliers arriving without an appointment may be asked to schedule one and return at a later time.

Procurement personnel will arrange for special presentations or demonstrations at the request of Teledyne Electronic Safety Products technical personnel or at their own discretion. In all cases, technical advice or assistance must be provided only with the prior knowledge of the cognizant procurement personnel.

As it is necessary for us to comply with many security/safety regulations, all visitors must undergo Teledyne Electronic Safety Products badge security and clearance process, sign in and be assigned a temporary visitor permit before continuing into the facility.

Visitors who have not already been cleared by security must complete the visitor information form and submit the completed form to procurement personnel for security clearance into the facility at least 24 hours prior to arrival.