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RadarTeledyne Defence & Space is one of the world's leading producers of microwave components and sub-systems, some of which apply directly to Radar applications. Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) development over the past decade has led to the incorporation of GaN devices. These new devices are now being incorporated in our latest X & Ku Band SSPA’s for SWaP applications with peak power levels up to 100W.

New technologies include the new MMIC Fast Tuned Notch filter (FTNF) that is small enough to fit in a TR Module. This new technology on a 2mm x 2mm die enables an interferer to be notched out and monitored, thus improving the radar performance.

Fast Tune Notch




  • ​New MMIC Notch filter greatly improves radar performance
  • Technology improvements in power devices greatly improve SSPA performance
  • Advanced ITAR-FREE technology



​Teledyne Defence & Spaces capabilities are now delivering true benefits to Radar manufacturers that are already enjoyed by the Electronic Warfare community.