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BOMBERWith customers’ need to extend platform life, it’s become an increasing problem to support systems that are extended for many decades beyond the originally designed life.

Compound this with the introduction of new technology and the need for some suppliers to obsolete older parts, and supporting such programs can become problematic. Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) is able to offer a wide range of microwave capabilities that puts us in a unique position to support obsolete parts by designing, in some cases without NRE, newer versions of older parts.

This would mean the supply of a “fit form and function” of the legacy part but using newer manufacturing techniques and technology that will support your system for many decades to come.

The scope of the work we undertake is not bound by platform or product. If it’s a microwave product, we would be interested in reviewing the need.

  • Creating fit form and function assemblies for obsolete parts
  • Insert new technology into an older system
  • Advanced ITAR-FREE technology

We are interested in supporting Legacy programs with obsolete microwave products where there is a need to maintain the system availability beyond the design life.