About Us

Teledyne Defence & Space has won a Queen’s Award for its substantial growth in overseas earnings and its commercial success in the space sector. Read more...


Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) has been manufacturing in the Shipley, UK area for over 30 years, originally producing Filters & Filter assemblies and now integrating these filters into higher level systems. With this growth has come the need for more complex manufacturing facilities to support all processes from bare die handling to mechanical integration. New disciplines, including Lean working, Kaizen, & 5S have been embraced and are now considered essential to the manufacturing processes of the facility.

Some of the current manufacturing disciplines include:

  • PCB and softboard hand soldering assembly
  • Mechanical and cable harness assembly
  • Hermetic sealing, including seam & laser welding incorporating fine / gross leak testing
  • Alignment and Test including Automated Test
  • Environmental testing and in house qualification
  • Dedicated inspection and painting services
  • Lean working — 5S Kaizen throughout


  • 225 m2 class 10,000 FED STD 209E
  • ISO 14644-1 class 7
  • 850 m2 class 100,000 STD 209E
  • ISO 14644-1 class 8
  • Manufacture of complex integrated sub systems
  • Assembly, alignment and environmental
  • Microstrip softboards (PTFE)
  • Alumina ceramic substrates
  • Eutectic substrate to carrier attach
  • Epoxy & Eutectic die attach
  • Semi-auto die pick & place
  • Deep access wire bonding
  • Wedge-wedge wire bonding
  • Ball-wedge wire bonding
  • Gold tapes for DC & RF connections
  • Automatic Die attach and wire bonding
  • Reflow solder substrate processing


  • Environmental Services / Contract Services
  • Vibration services for qualification and screening
  • HARASS services for ACCELERATED temperature
  • Qualification and Screening
  • 40 temperature testing stations
  • Sealing (Seam Sealing and Laser Welding)
  • Inspection, Finishing and Storage