Teledyne Defence & Space’s (TDS) Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) units offer high speed frequency measurement across a multioctive frequency band.

      TDS IFM Analogue Products At-A-Glance
  • Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
  • Fast throughput
  • Broadband design
  • External trigger or clocked sampling
  • Compact Design
  • Connectors: RF Input (SMA female) & Output Control interface (MDM)

The IFM measures the frequency of RF signal present at its input and presents a result at its output as digital data. The RF input signal is conditioned by an RF amplifier that provides sufficient drive for the frequency resolving circuits. The raw video from the resolvers is digitised and processed into the required output format. There is additional timing control circuitry which initiates measurement process and provides handshake data to the host system processor.

IFMs find applications in low cost radar warning receivers (RWR) to enhance the identification of threat signals against dense non threat background signals. IFMs are used in sophisticated electronic support measurement (ESM) and electronic counter measurement (ECM) receivers where high probability of intercept and high resolution are required to enable pulse by pulse signal de-interleaving.

TDS’s IFMs employ proprietary 3 phase correlator design which combines the advantages of a robust and compact suspended substrate strip-line (SSS) construction and microwave Integrated circuit (MIC) techniques.


  • Radar Warning Receiver
  • ECM set on
  • ESM


  • Operating Frequency: 2 to 18GHz
  • Instantaneous Bandwidth: 16GHz
  • Frequency Resolution: 14 Bits (1 MHz)
  • Frequency Error: 4.5MHz RMS (3dB SNR)
  • Dynamic range: 60dB
  • Clock Rate: 50MHz