Teledyne RF&Microwave


Now, Low Phase Noise at a Lower Cost

Leveraging a long heritage of engineering innovation in YIG and low phase noise technologies, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has developed a brand new line of YIG synthesizers that substantially reduces the high cost of acquiring a high-quality, broadband low phase noise source. After many years of building the industry's lowest phase noise YIG Oscillators, TMS has applied that expertise to deliver on a longstanding industry aspiration for a 'Win-Win': low phase noise AND low cost in a plug n' play synthesizer solution.

  • Step Size: 1 MHz
  • Power Output: +10 dBm minimum, +16 dBm maximum
  • Frequency Range: 6 GHz to 13 GHz
  • Spurious: -60 dBc max
  • Harmonics: -20 dBc max
  • Reference Input: 10 MHz, +5 dBm nominal input power
  • DC Power Requirements: +12V: 600 mA max (stand alone board less)
  • Interface: USB, Simple “Set Frequency” Command, SPI available
  • Environmental: Temperature Range: 10 to 50° C
This modular synthesizer, operating in the 6 GHz to 13 GHz frequency range, simply plugs into a laptop or desktop and acts as a fully functional synthesizer solution. Avoiding the higher costs of the standard industry alternative, voltage-controlled oscillators, this synthesizer can be configured to meet customer specifications in terms of shapes, sizes, interfaces and frequencies. The broader synthesizer line is available in other frequency bands that operate down to 2 GHz for test instrument applications.


  • Available for application in a wide range of instrument testing scenarios


  • Simple to Use “Plug n’ Play’ design
  • Low phase noise YIG oscillator technology integrated in synthesizer solution
  • Avoids costs associated with non-integrated “component” approach
    • procuring and integrating additional parts
    • design and development
    • testing
    • time to market