​Why Paradise Modems?


 What's New

Hub Canceller Option on QMultiFlex-400

Paradise has previously offered a very effective Paired Carrier option on it's modems, allowing an inbound carrier to be overlaid with the local outbound carrier, saving up to 50% on space segment bandwidth and costs, providing inbound and outbound are in the same spot beam. We can now offer the same functionality, but for a point-to-multipoint system, with multiple inbound carriers in the same frequency band as the high speed outbound carrier. The functionality is built into the modem chassis, saving the rack space and wiring of an external solution.


Geographic Redundancy on QMultiflex-400

This new feature is included as standard to allow a second remotely located hub to take over in case of hub failure. This is achieved by monitoring either an ethernet or RF connection, with status messages sent once per second – their absence will cause failover to the second site.




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