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Teledyne e2v HiRel's standard screened line of RF and microwave components provides a cost and time effective approach to meet the requirements commonly found in military and space applications.

When system performance or program screening requirements call for more than Teledyne e2v HiRel's standard catalog screened parts, we can tailor a solution by taking a standard catalog device, assembling with proven assembly processes and tailoring a custom screening program that can be created by either adding or removing screening options or by generating a program specific sequence.

Download the Space COTS Dilemma Whitepaper 

The ‘Space COTS Dilemma’ is as follows: how to get semiconductor production costs for constellations as low as possible, while still ensuring reliability high enough to support the mission? This paper examines how to overcome that dilemma via a number of processes that lower costs, deliver the required reliability, and provide wider access to semiconductor device types for engineers.  View the PDF.

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New Rad-Tolerant 20 GHz SPDT Catalog RF Switch for Space

Download the Datasheet

New Ultra-Low Noise 8-12 GHz LNA for Space

 Download the Datasheet​ 

New High Power L-Band Switch for Military Apps

Download the Datasheet

New Pin Diode Limiter for Military Apps

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Two New Power Limiters

2.5 GHz limiter datasheet
6.0 GHz limiter datasheet